Vijay’s Commerce has introduced two important courses that will transform the roadmap of a Commerce Professional.

Core Commerce:

If you are a student aspiring to pursue a career in commerce then Core Commerce is the course for you. Here we strengthen your basics in commerce and help you to identify your career interests through VPAT (Vijay’s Professional Aptitude Test). VPAT is a competitive exam designed specifically for you to understand your interests and skill sets towards different Professional Careers. We further groom you towards pursuing your career goals through various initiatives that are unique at Vijay’s Commerce.

Pro Commerce:

This course is meant for students with a focus towards Professional Careers like CA & CS. It is one of a kind course where the students are groomed and guided towards achieving their career goals of Chartered Accountancy and Company Secretaryship.

350 hours program (11th )PP
400 hours program (12th)PP
College wise tests  (11th)PP
Tests during 12thPP
60 weekly test (2 per week)PP
2 Semesters (OC, Eco, BK, Maths/ SP)PP
3 Prelims (All subjects)PP
5 Paper solutions (OC, Eco, BK, Maths/ SP)PP
Chapter wise revision on the basis of exam paper patternPP
Daily Practice for Eco, OC, SP, Maths, BKPP
Seminar on various options available in commerce.  
Educational QualificationsPP
1000 + Problems for BKPP
1250 + Problems for MathsPP
Crash course for English (12th)P
Regular English lecturesP
Additional Books for BK & Maths extra practiceP
Additional Test Series all subjects
(3 papers each) (3 Î 6 = 18)
Filter test – 1 to decide professional entranceP
Additional Advance Problems
(To Cater professional entrances )
Filter test – 2 for professional entranceP
160/90 days coaching program for professional entrance (350/200 hours)P
45/30 Module TestsP
Past years paper solvingP
Batch of 30 studentsP
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